I Have Spent 1.7 Billion On Moesha To Get Her Better – Ayisha Modi Reveals As She Clears Her Name

Bhim Nation’s number 1 hype woman, Ayisha Modi, has come out to reveal how much she has spent on Moesha’s well being so far.

Ayisha who is known to be a ‘Yaa Asantewaa’ for her friends and keeps fighting for them, has just revealed she had to spend a huge amount on Moesha, since her condition started.

She said in a live video that she had spent about 1.7 Billion on Moesha, while she tried to clear the air about her forcing herself on Moesha.

She cleared the air that why would she wait such huge amount, just to force a friendship. She was implying that her intentions and love for Moesha are genuine.

Video below;




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