I haven’t undergone hips surgery; they’re naturally real – Actress Portia Asare Boateng

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Portia Asare Boateng

Setting the record straight, contemporary ladies around the world including the infamous Ghana-based Gambian Princess Shyngle like their bodies curvaceous, for reasons best known to them. To those born natural, well and good.

For some, measures too extreme are taken including plastic enhancement surgery. We might all know the specific reasons for that, and even though it might be embarrassing, some females point their surgeries out and are even proud of the outcomes. Does it bring fame?

Ahh well, Kumawood actress, Portia Asare has opened up on her heavily endowed stature claims it shouldn’t be compared to any other thing but real. The actress who claimed she shouldn’t be tagged as a Kumawood actress anymore has categorically stated that indeed her hips aren’t fake.

Portia Asare Boateng
Portia Asare Boateng

When asked about going under the knife in an interview with blogger Zionfelix, the actress revealed that her hips are very real and natural when she was asked the question if she had ever done anything artificial to them.

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Portia Asare Boateng had in earlier reports opened up on her marriage issues complaining bitterly that her friends forced and pressured her to marry her husband.

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