‘I Knack Budding Actresses Very Well Before Giving Them Roles, Most Directors Do The Same’- Ola Michael Confesses

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Filmmaker cum radio host, Ola Michael has confirmed that sex for roles is very rife in the movie industry as he himself has been doing that for years now. 

Ola Michael dropped the bombshell during his radio program on Neat FM whilst having an interaction with upcoming actress Queen Ahenewaa.

According to Ola Michael, about 70 per cent of all film producers sleep with actresses in exchange for roles.

Ola said, “See me when I finish sleeping with you, a colleague will producer will reach me and say Ola the girl you used she is good, give me her number, before he will cast you, he will also sleep with you, the next director will also do same”.

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“Before you are done, they will sleep with you that way before you become a star” and emphasized that ” I have said what I said, that’s the truth”.

Queen admitted that it’s true and shared her experience of how a producer wanted to sleep with for a role but she refused, whilst suggesting it’s those who lower their guard that ends up on the bed of these producers.

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“Quote me everywhere, me I have started making movies for a long time now, sometimes it is you the girls that will beg us to sleep with you.”


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