Wednesday, June 3, 2020

‘I Knew Medikal Would Break My Sister’s Heart But I Did Not Warn Her Because She Might Say I Don’t Like Her Relationship’- Wanlov

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Eccentric singer Wanlov Da Kubolor has shockingly revealed that he spotted the red flag concerning her sister’s relationship with Medikal but failed to warn her beforehand because he wanted her to learn from her mistake.

The rapper, singer and member of the world acclaimed duo, FOKN told TV3’s MzGee that he did not want Sister Derby to misconstrue his stance as a sign of not being in favour of the relationship so he allowed things take its natural course so she could learn and grow.

From his lyrics… He was talking about all different kinds of women and he was not saying those things for shows. Somehow, as a musician, if you’re really real to your craft, most of the things you say are things that you’ve done or want to do. So if she was looking at those signs, she would not be as hurt or surprised as she was,” said Wanlov who had earlier indicated that he is “not hundred per cent sorry for Deborah because everybody has to learn and grow.”

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A rather shocked MzGee asked him why he failed to warn his sister after reading the signs on the wall.

“Yeah, as I’m saying, I was hoping she will [know] on her own,” Wanlov replied. “I haven’t seen him do any kind of move that I never liked before. But from the lyrics of his songs, you have to realize that this person wants a certain kind of lifestyle.

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“People who are in love would even lie to themselves that the truth is something else just to convince themselves to keep going. They’d probably start looking at you like ‘oh you don’t like my relationship…’ so you just hope that they realize on their own,” he added.

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