“I know I’m not your size but you’re the woman I want” – ShowBoy opens up to Lydia Forson

Ghanaian musical act ShowBoy has opened up to actress Lydia Forson about his unflinching admiration for her.

According to the incarcerated Showboy, he knows very well, Lydia Forson is a step ahead of him but he believes she is the perfect woman for him.

In a tweet, Showboy said he is looking forward to the day where Lydia Forson would propose love and marriage to him…ultimately guiding and changing him.

Showboy stressed the fact that he has amorous admiration for Lydia Forson but does not have the confidence to approach her or make his intentions known to her because “he is not in the class.”

This is the woman I want.. I pray she propose to me n marry me n guide me … since I was a kid … I know am not ur size so I will not even dare.. but I just wanna say I admire u from a far

Showboy also added that it will be shameful on his part not to tell Lydia Forson how much he loves and admires her before he dies.

Baby love … if i don’t tell u and I die in prison I will cry in my grave …@lydiaforsonnmenim paa s3 am not ur size but I can’t help it. . I have to say it . I admire you alot . if u single please let’s give it a try .I will make you laugh every day .I will give u attention

Lydia Forson is one of the finest bachelorettes in Ghana. At age 36, the actress is yet to settle down. As a strong feminist herself, it appears Showboy is on the sure path to winning her love.

“Why I am still single at 36” – Actress Lydia Forson gives reasons

Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson has subtly given Ghanaians who care to know the personal reasons behind her decision to remain single even at a relatively old age.

In a series of tweets, the 36-year-old bachelorette described those who force her to marry as ‘villagers.’ According to her, she has self-respect and will not kowtow to societal pressure to settle down.

Giving reasons why she is not in a hurry to socialize with strangers who may be interested in her for marriage, Lydia Forson said her parents have taught her not to entertain people she does not know especially men since she was a child…

Lydia Forson also added that she does get relationship and marriage interests from men on the regular but she has taken a personal decision not to allow strangers into her life.

The award-winning actress, who happens to be one of the female celebrities who are under severe pressure by the Ghanaian public to marry, said she decides on who she gives her punani to, therefore, that shouldn’t be the burden of anyone.





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