“I left home at a very young age to pursue music” – K.K Fosu shares his story

Veteran Highlife musician, KK Fosu has revealed that his dream of becoming a musician would have been cut short if not for his persistent stubbornness.

Recounting the circumstances that led to his decision to become a musician, the ‘Anadwo ye De’ hitmaker mentioned that he left home when he was young without serving any notice to his family.

In an interview on ‘Restoration With Stacy,’ KK Fosu, who was reared in Mangoase, claimed he dropped out of school in his never-ending desire to become a singer.

Despite how much he admired his family, he never mentioned his desire to become a musician to them since he knew they would try to sabotage his plans because they were so keen on forcing him to pursue academics.

“I used to sing in the school chorus. I used to play music in school, but I had no idea I could blow like that,” he explained. “I ran away from home.. My family isn’t impoverished, but they don’t support each other very often. It wasn’t easy being a student. I persuaded myself that I have a gift, that I can sing… As a result, I dropped out of school. Neither my mum nor my father was informed,” he said.

“My father was completely unaware. KK Fosu said, “I’ve always wanted to be a leader since I was a child, therefore I told myself I’ll be a star.”

KK Fosu acknowledged his auntie’s help when he ran away from home, but claimed she had no idea he had run away.

According to him, the aforementioned relative, who had always wanted him to move, mistook believed he was seeking the father’s permission and so decided to help him by establishing a company for him.


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