Wednesday, December 2, 2020

“I Made Him Chop My Tonga FALAAA & Paid His Fees, Gave Him Chop Money, Cooked For Him But Broke Up With Me”-Facebook Girl Cries

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So there’s this story about a girl who has been banged several times by one guy identified as Jeffery Fargo and Social media can’t stop trolling the two of them. The girl is known as  Myzz Adel Bae on Facebook and has revealed in a Facebook Live video that, she thought the guy loved her and believed all the lies that he told her, so she spent money on this guy.

According to her, she even paid his fees and used her money to take care of the guy by giving him chop money, cooking for him, just so that he would only have eyes for him.

In the video, she also spoke about how the guy told her, his mom lives outside the country and has lots of businesses and promised to take her abroad soon only for her to later discover that, they were all lies.

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So why is she saying all of these? We heard the guy broke up with her, perhaps after losing interest in her.

Myzz Adel Bae–The Facebook Girl who spent money on a guy known as Jefferey because the guy promised to take her abroad

Listen to the filla in audio format

We gather that Jefferey Fargo happens to be a Facebook or Whatsapp CEO of a group known as ‘Low Key Gang’–We don’t know what their objectives really are but it’s obvious it’s just like one of those many naughty groups with young boys and girls doing all sort of things. They organize parties here and there and socialize.

Boys have taken advantage of these ‘Facebook & Whatsapp CEO/Admin position’ to easily have their ways with most of these immature and ‘unintelligent’ girls.


The man Jeffery Fargo–Chopped Adel ‘FALAAA’ with fresh boys things and some wicked vibes

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