I Married My Destiny Helper – South African Man Eulogizes Wife For Helping Him Pay Bills In Their Home

A South African man, Themba Tom Ntuli, has taken to social media to shower praise on his supportive wife, Katlee Ntuli.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Ntuli described his wife as his “destiny helper” who doesn’t leave him to bear all the financial responsibilities alone in their marriage.

He claims that his wife happily splits their bills, even as little as money spent during an outing or trip.

“I am married to a woman who says to me; Baby you have paid for the tickets, please let me pay for our food. Baby you have paid for our food , mina let me tip our waiter/waitress. Love you paid for the flights, mina let me pay for the rental car. I am married to a destiny helper, a woman that loves and compliments me. My wife makes my weight lighter.”

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