I miss doing explicit movies – Socrates Safo reveals

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For years, movie producer, Socrate Sarfo, produced movies that people described as soft porn because of the highly sexual scenes.

His movies like Hot Fork, Love and Sex, Sexy Angel among others have stirred controversy over the years. However, for sometime now, he seems to have put film making on hold as the lure of public service has proven too attractive to ignore.

In an interview with Showbiz on his seeming retirement from movies, he said he was still in it.

“I currently hold a different position that makes it difficult for me to still have the time to do what I used to do but that doesn’t mean I am out of movie production. I love it, it is something that I was born to do.

“I am not actively involved in movie production now but I still go on set and all. I have been working on an animation movie that will soon be on screens any amazing,” he said.

When asked if he misses his erotic films, Socrate Safo replied that he did. “I miss doing such movies, I cannot quit doing them or movies on the whole. It is my first love, I cannot stop and that is why though I may not be at the forefront like I used to do, I am still doing all I can to remain active.”

On his take on the state of the current movie industry, Socrate Safo said, “we need a lot of education on the movie industry. Some people think you do movies just for doing sake but no, you need to have the materials and education in place because whatever you do will affect the industry as a whole.”

Socrate also suggested some actions that will help the industry. “One of the things that can help solve the situation is bringing back theatres, we need them back so that people can go, pay and watch for producers to make ends meet and continue with their production.

“Again we should take a look at television stations showing movies. Because of that people are not buying the DVDs which is not helping but I believe we will get there very soon,” he said.

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