I negotiated $1 million to raise money to contest for MP- Kwesi Nyantakyi reacts to Anas exposè

Former Ghana Football Association President, Kwesi Kyantakyi, has spoken about what exactly happened while discussing the Anas exposè that led to his lifetime ban from football-related activities not only in Ghana but the world at large.

An investigative video about the former GFA boss was released some years ago and one of the interesting parts of the video that caught the attention of many was when he negotiated a huge amount of money to lead some Arab businessmen to meet top Ghanaian politicians for their investment plans to be successful.

Kyantakyi was speaking in an interview with Bola Ray on Star FM, where he admitted to negotiating as much as 1 million United States dollars, as that was his initial budget to switch to a career in politics.

According to him, he was ambitious to become a member of parliament as the first step to his political career and when the Arabians brought a business proposal to him, he was ready to work with them at a negotiated amount so he would be able to fund his political ambition.

Kyantakyi stated emphatically that the business meeting, which will go on to become a step up for him, was arranged by the Arabian businessmen who brought the idea of investing a budget of $2 billion to establish a refinery in Ghana, hence the need to get into contact with some top government officials through him.

The former GFA boss then clarified his reason for requesting the money, claiming it was a situation of “l help you”, you help me”. In this case, he would help them by connecting them to top government officials so they can also help him with the required amount of money to begin his political journey.

You can’t win election in Ghana if you don’t have money- Nyantakyi

Let’s all believe and support Otto Addo else he’ll fail – Kwesi Nyantakyi to Ghanaians
Kwesi Nyantakyi

Politics has become a whole lot of investment for some time now, with politicians spending a huge amount of money to contest elections with the hope of recouping that money when they get into power.

That assertion might just have been proven by former GFA boss Kwesi Nyantakyi, who made a bold claim in an interview with Bola Ray that there is no way a candidate will win an election in the country without having a lot of money involved in it.

His comment came when he revealed he had plans to go into politics, which is why he negotiated a $1 million contract with some Arabian businessmen, which was later set up to record an investigative piece about his alleged corrupt actions during his time as the president of the Ghana Football Association.



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