I Never Liked You One Bit But Now That Has Changed, You Are So Loving- Actress Writes ‘Romantic’ Letter For Shatta Wale

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Ghanaian actress Kisa Gbekle has confessed that she used to hate Shatta Wale as she held a certain perception about him but after meeting him for the first time, she’s come to love him and that impression she had about him has changed.

In an Instagram post she made, she admitted that she never liked Shatta Wale one bit but now she’s come to realise how loving and caring a person he is.

Actress Kisa Gbekle

She wrote on Instagram:

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I know you won’t see this because of so many notifications Papi.
I never liked you one bit but when I met you the first day I realized you are the nicest, coolest , realest, caring and loving person. I remember telling it to your face “ Shatta I don’t like you oo, you laughed and said, you will love me when you get closer” and hugged me warmly.
And you made it happen.
You are soo special to me now.You always on the move of ?.Every word that comes out of your mouth is motivating, you gave me a different image about so many things. You are very very hard working and prayerful .You always want to see me happy and doing well, you show me how to carry myself etc. The supports ?.Efo I want to say a very big thank You To You.
More than a brother to me. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @shattawalenima much love King ❤️❤️.

Fortunately for her, the dancehall king saw her message and replied; “Let’s leave da rest for God .. love u too daavi .. I kno bloggers will create their stories out of this but I don’t care .. we need them ???????”

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We don’t know what Shatta Wale could have done but it’s obvious that he’s that kind of person when you get closer to him in person, you would come to love.

But wait! Why is she calling him ‘Papi’ now? Did they smash too? Okay, let’s end it here.


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