So over the weekend, most of the awards presented at the prestigious Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs) did not go according to our predictions.

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For instance, the Most Popular song of the Year that we thought would definitely go to Patapaa went to Fancy Gadam, albeit he also deserved it.

And we all know what happened the moment the Nothern-based artiste was declared the winner of that particular category with his massive hit, Total Cheat.

Opana stormed out in anger and made a wild allegation that Fancy paid ‘stupid’ money to the organizers and that’s why the award eluded him.

Fancy Gadam has broken his silence on the issue when he appeared on Joy Fm’s Super Morning few hours ago.

He rubbed salt in Patapaa’s wound by telling him to go and kill himself if he cannot accept the fact that he deserves the award.

He said:

If I win and you no feel, massa go hang yourself.

He added that Patapaa claiming he (Gadam) paid Charterhouse to be given the award is ‘total lies’.

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