I Once Spent The Night At A Refuse Dump In Nigeria To Avoid Being Robbed – Highlife legend J.A. Adofo tells his story 

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I Once Spent The Night At A Refuse Dump In Nigeria To Avoid Being Robbed - Highlife legend J.A. Adofo tells his story 

Obuoba Jackson Alfred Adofo, one of the legendary highlife musicians of Ghana, has recounted a memorable but awkward experience where he had to sleep at a refuse dump to avoid being robbed.

According to his narration, he once travelled to Agege a suburb of the Lagos State, Nigeria to purchase a Mitsubishi car when the unfortunate event occurred.

Speaking during an interview on Angel FM, an Accra-based radio station, J.A. Adofo said when he got to Agege to purchase the car it was late and the company had closed so he decided to find a hotel to sleep. However, he was advised against spending the night in the hotel because robbery was rampant.

“Some two Ghanaians I met advised me not to sleep at the hotel because it was notorious for robberies. Out of fear, I took a blanket and moved down to a refuse dump by the side of the hotel where I spent the night till the next day.”

“True to the words of his Ghanaian acquaintances, the whole hotel was robbed that night”, he disclosed.

He revealed that the man who led them to Nigeria connived with the robbers to rob them of their hard-earned money thus the only option they had was to sleep at the refuse dump and pose as madmen in order to survive the night.

“My manager, Mr. Nyarko, suggested that I leave for Ghana via a commercial bus after we finally bought the car while he came later with the car,” he said.

Obuoba J. A. Adofo a.k.a. The Black Chinese a.k.a. Chairman Muo, is the Leader of the City Boys Band of Ghana. A sterling performer and entertainer with many years of experience and a newsmaker wherever he goes. Highly remembered and adored for his love songs, Adofo and his Ghana’s City Boys band are news headliners whenever they perform in Ghana. Nephew of Nana Ampadu (African Brothers Band) and humbly began as a lotto receiver in Accra (Mamprobi) has risen to stardom unsurpassed in Ghana’s music history. Almost every mature Ghanaian knows or have heard of Adofo’s music.

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