‘I Only Wanted Okyeame Kwame To Support Me Like He Did For Bradez’ – Cabum

Kumasi-based rapper, Cabum recently lamented in an interview that he has not had any form of help from established rappers from the Ashanti Region, precisely Kumasi.

Cabum mentioned that he started doing music with Sarkodie but Sarkodie is now miles ahead of him just because he (Sarkodie) got the needed support.

According to him, veterans like Okyeame Kwame should have pushed him but nothing of that sort materialized and that to some etent, has suppressed his shine.

We guess Okyame Kwame was not pleased with the comment so in a new interview, Cabum explained his stance better. He said:

“I wanted @okyeamekwame to support me the way he supported Bradez because I am also a brother. I don’t think we should stress this issue. @okyeamekwame agrees with me. I wasn’t trying to say anything bad about him.”

“I did not say the older musicians did not help me in my whole life. The kind of hype I needed, even my father (Alhaji K. Frimpong) could not do it for me. Honestly, I wasn’t trying to say anything bad to hurt @okyeamekwame.”


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