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“I over reacted without hearing Leila’s side of the story”–Kafui Danku has now apologised after Leila told her side of the story

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Kafui Danku has now admitted that she messed up and has now apologised to movie producer Leila Djansi for embarrassing her on Social media.

If you are lost and now reading this story, read the first post here, then go and read the second story on this whole issue.

You can then read the third aspect of the story here where Leila responded to Kafui’s rants.

So fam, it turns out that Kafui Danku acted in anger and believed what someone had told her that Leila said about her husband; that he’s broke.

Remember in my second article on this issue, I mentioned that Kafui refused to apologise to Leila Djansi but only apologised for bringing the drama on Social media.

Well it seems, she’s realised she made a big mistake and must be feeling soo embarrassed right now, especially after Leila told her side of the story and has now apologised to Leila.

I mean, Kafui is not like that, so I was very surprised seeing her go ‘Wale’ on Social media but I guess she’s a woman in love and when someone told her, Leila was spreading lies about her husband, she didn’t think over it and rushed to Social media without giving Leila a chance to explain.

We all can learn something from this and control our anger, when someone tells us something about about someone.

When Kafui apologised, Leila replied in the post comment, saying if she had committed suicide because of her rant, it would have been pointless and shared and advice.

Read Kafui’s apology to Leila below and then check Leila’s response to that apology as well.

Emotions can ruin …. infact anger is terrible…

I overreacted without hearing Leila’s side of the story …

I’ve been on the phone with her over an hour … We got to the bottom of the issue, my source is flawed … charley , I should have known better … Leila Afua Djansi I apologize, that wasn’t meant to dent your image. Tsoekem .


Leila’s response:

If I had gone and committed suicide yesterday, this post would be pointless. There are always 3 sides to a story. Never encourage a gossip. Make sure all parties accused are present, and then allow everyone to make their case. Thank you for being a decent human to admit things coulda been done better.

I did not ask for “thousands of dollars” and you refused. You were the greatest supporter in this fight for Doris’s life. You never refused when I asked you for help expanding our search for funds. By the time you got to me with a response, we had gotten the funds. You praised God with me and life went on. I never, called anyone to discuss you cos you didn’t give me money. Who would I even call? I am glad we got to the canker. I am glad we were both patient enough to hear each other out and call the source. 3 way calls are priceless!

In Ewe we say “obe obe do gba afe” (he said, she said is destructive).

Apology accepted. Whether or not we can continue to be friends, I have to heal from this and all the other horrible things I have endured in Ghana from gossip and fake news.

Before you pick up the phone and tell

Someone what you heard from someone who heard from someone who heard from eavesdropping, please consider what all could be destroyed.

I am beautifully broken.

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