I Owe No One An Explanation – Xandy Kamel To A Curious Fan Asking Whether She’s Back With Kaninja

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Actress cum TV presenter Xandy Kamel has claimed that she owes no one an explanation after a curious fan asked her whether she’s back with her estranged husband Kaninja and what cause their separation.

Xandy Kamel gave her fans the chance to ask her any question on their minds and some were only interested in her divorce and relationship with her strange husband Kaninja asking how things are between them.

Speaking on that, Xandy Kamel made it clear that she owes no one an explanation, and moreover, she’s living her best life right now hence has nothing to worry about with regards to her separation.

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It appears she doesn’t want to talk about her divorce or separation with her estranged husband Kaninja and is always claiming to be living her best life since she’s able to go wherever she wants and does whatever she wants.

screenshot below;

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