I Prefer A Man Who Moans – Nikki Samonas Subtly Shades Chairman Wontumi’s “Tuitui” Experience

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Actress Nikki Samonas is roasting politician Chairman Wontumi over claims that he farted when he slept with Afia Schwarzenegger and was climaxing.

According to Nikki Samonas, she prefers ‘a man who moans‘ and obviously not the one who will disturb with farts.
The actress’s comment comes as a controversial one because of Afia Schwarzenegger’s revelation that Chairman Wontumi farted tui, tui when they slept together and he was climaxing.

Nikki Samonas’ comment is causing a stir as Chairman Wontumi is trending for shamefully farting during such a romantic moment.

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Meanwhile, Afia Schwarzenegger has cursed Lawyer Maurice Ampaw who denied that Chairman Wontumi has ever slept with her.
Lawyer Maurice Ampaw noted in an interview that Afia Schwar’s claims of sleeping with Wontumi and that he farted were lies.

According to him, Schwar is not Chairman Wontumi’s taste so he is going to take Schwar on for disgracing Chairman Wontumi.
However, Afia Schwarzenegger insists it indeed happened and has gone ahead to lay curses on Lawyer Ampaw.

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