I prefer to eat ‘trumu’ than to marry a thing like Princess Shyngle – Ibrah One

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Ibrah One has stated without mincing words that women like Princess Shyngle are one of the reasons why he would prefer being a g@y than marry one of such.

Ibrah One in a post on social media degraded Princess Shyngle, claiming he would rather be homos3xual than marry a creature like her.

This comes following a comment made by the actress regarding women submitting to their wives in marriage.

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According to Princess, submitting to man all in the name of marriage would be the last thing she will do before her death.

Prince Shyngle hasn’t been able to maintain a stable relationship in a long time, and when she was asked why she couldn’t keep then guys who come into their life, she noted that she couldn’t be a submissive woman

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