I Put All My Savings Into Menzgold But I Will Survive Even If I Don’t Get The Money Back- Eddie Nartey (+Video)

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Talented actor and film director Eddie Nartey has revealed how he put all his investments into Menzgold which is now collapsed.
Speaking in an interview with Delay on the Delay show, Eddie Nartey disclosed how he used to have hope that Menzgold will bounce back but is currently feeling indifferent about it.

“Yes, my money is at Menzgold, all my savings. But I am a soldier, I’ll survive…I am indifferent about whether or not Menzgold will bounce back. If it does and I get my money back halleluiah, if it doesn’t I survive,”, he told Delay.

Eddie went ahead to debunk reports that the celebrities who were signed under Zylofon Media were the cause of the problems Menzgold is facing.

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Explaining his point, Eddie stated that he is one of these signed to Zylofon Media and not Menzgold, which are two different companies; adding that he was a regular staff who worked for his salary at the end of every month just like the rest of the other workers, and even though he was given a car, it was the company’s car.

He expressed his shock at the collapse of Zylofon Media because he thought the art industry was going to be revived through it.


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“I went to Zylofon with a lot of enthusiasm and passion because just as the entertainment industry in Nigeria and South Africa, I thought Zylofon was going to give us the platform to reach that standard in terms of film making and the entertainment we all crave for,” he stated.

Watch full interview below;


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