“I Read Bible Verses While NAKKED Every Midnight”–Fella Makafui Shares Her Secret To Success( Watch Video)

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If you’ve been wondering how ‘YOLO’ actress has become soo successful at the age of 23, then there’s no need to wonder again as she has shared her of how she was able to become successful.

Fella Makafui who was speaking to students of Crystal Gallaxy College, disclosed that one of the things she does every day is to read some bible verses while completely ‘nekkid’ and then she prays to God.

Fella Makafui
Fella Makafui

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She also added that it’s impossible to achieve anything if you don’t have faith and believe in what you are doing.

“Me, I speak to God, I can be here and be talking. I wake at dawn 12:00 and I strip naked and I have some bible verses that I read, then I pray”

Well, that’s Fella’s secret to how she’s become successful–Maybe you should try it and make sure to have ‘Faith’ in it and who knows, you could be building your 8 bedroom house, opening new businesses, driving your dream cars……LOL

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Watch the full video below:

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