“I refused my husband office romance and he has refused to come home nor answer my calls since” – Wife in tears

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Woman crying

A lot has been happening in the marital homes of people and it beats the imagination or critical thinking minds the rationale behind some of the the things that do happen.

As we speak, a married woman is in tears as she can’t trace the whereabouts of her husband largely due to the fact that she denied her husband office romance.

Enough, Below is a message from a woman who denied her husband sex at her office and this has developed a complicated situation:

“My husband came to my office unannounced today, asked me to tell my secretary not to allow anyone in from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM.

“I thought he wanted to talk about something important, but no, he wanted sex.

“I told him it was my working hours and that, I couldn’t. He got pissed and tried forcing himself on me. I screamed for kelp.

“I give him sex at home when he wants it, we don’t have any real sex issues pending. So I don’t know what exactly came over him today.

“When kelp finally entered my office, he was naked. He got dressed in their presence, end then removed his wedding ring and threw it on the floor.

He’s not home yet. He has not called me since this afternoon. What do I do or say to him when he returns home?”

Screenshot below:

Married woman in tears

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