I sacrificed my mänhöød for blood money but I’m restricted from enjoying it – Sakawa boy cries out

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A Nigerian man has taken to social media to cry out and seek solutions to his problems after he got restricted by his grandmaster from enjoying the money he toiled and sacrificed his dick for.

In a lengthy post sighted on social media, the man revealed that poverty had dealt with him ruthlessly to the point where he found it difficult to even afford money to feed himself once daily.

The anonymous man said he held on to his faith till he could not anymore and had to join a secret society to make himself rich.

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He said he was given options to choose from, either he sacrifices his mother or manhood for the money.

As a young guy who’s not ready to lose his mother, he said he risked his life and sacrificed his manhood.

After getting what he desires, he said his grandmaster instructed him not to squander more than ¢500 monthly.

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Meanwhile, he said he had planned to acquire properties before he dies.

Looking at how things are going against him at the moment, he took to social media to seek supernatural powers that can set him free and make him enjoy the wealth he has sacrificed to acquire.


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