“I saved Ghana rap from dying four years ago” – Sarkodie defends Medikal

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Not long ago, rapper Medikal stated categorically that he saved Ghana rap from dying four years ago and most music lovers felt it was nothing but a disrespectful comment to demean the reputation of Obrafour and other pioneers of Ghana rap.

When the issue became the talk of Ghana, many people were expecting Sarkodie to say something but he remained quiet until now that he has said something about it in an interview with 4Syte television.

According to the prolific rapper, Medikal is a rapper and bragging is a normal thing that comes with being a rapper that is why he had no problem with his comment. He said at the time Medikal made that statement, that was what he (MDK) felt and decided to express in his tweet.

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“He feels like that. He has to be what he feels…he has to be able to say what he feels within…and that is what he feels and he is supposed to express that,” he stated.

Asked if whether he got offended by the statement, he made it clear that he has also been making such claim in his rap songs because that is how he feels when he is making a song at that moment.

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“No, because when I am rapping and I say I am the best…at that moment I am not thinking about Obrafour. I still see Obrafour as the one but I am not thinking about Obrafour at that moment.”

He added: “So when I listen to Medikal talking about him…I know what he is thinking…he is not thinking Sark is out of the way and I am here…At least that is what I think. As a rapper, you have to feel like that.”

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