I Saw The Bodies Of Castro & Janet But A Big ‘Snake’ Stopped Me From Bringing Them-Diver Hired By Asamoah Gyan Reveals

If we are to take the words of this man known as Samuel Odartey Lamptey as the truth, then Castro and the Janet girl are dead and are not coming back.  Samuel Odartey Lamptey is an experienced diver, who was hired by Asamoah Gyan to help in finding Castro, two days after that sad incident.
Samuel has disclosed in an exclusive interview with Kofi TV, that he saw the bodies of Castro and the girl, Janet deep down the Volta River Estuary in Ada after searching for 4 days.
“I was called two days after the incidence and I agreed to go and help them. It was in the evening but I decided to go and search for them right away. They rented a canoe for me and I set off. I found them under the water after about four days,” he said.
“I saw their bodies but when I tried to touch them, a big snake appeared and warned me not to try it, I went back and asked what I could do and I was told there was the need for some rituals to be performed,” he explained.
“The only way the spirit would allow me to bring Castro’s body back, was to perform some customary rites for both of them, when I told Asamoah Gyan about it, he said his concern was Castro and that he does not know the lady, so I had to stop at a point,” Mr. Lamptey added.
Efforts to rescue Castro and his lady companion, Janet Bandu began on Sunday, July 6, 2014 and up till now some Ghanaians and families of the two nurse the hope of them being alive. Attempts to retrieve their bodies yielded no results.
Mr Lamptey however stated that Castro died because he defied earlier cautions given him by the river gods.
He said, “because of their singing they go there every time. The spirit warned them, but they did not listen and so it almost killed them all but God saved them.”
“They came across as disobedient. Where you have been warned not to go, because you might be killed, you go behind their back and went ahead to hire a speed boat and took Janet along,” he explained.”
Watch the interview below
Portions of text culled from Ghanaweb.com