I Show Off My Wealth To Inspire People & Not Because I Want To Brag-Shatta Wale

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Shatta Wale At After The Storm Album Launch

If you think Shatta Wale loves to brag too much, then he’s given a reason why he loves to show off his achievements.

In an interview on Kasapa FM’s ‘Aben Wo Ha Show’ the dancehall king, Shatta Wale told the host, Gattuso that he discloses his wealth to the public to motivate and inspire his followers to believe that they can also achieve their dreams in life if they work hard.

Shatta Wale recounted how most people said humiliating things about him when he began his dancehall music in 2013 but because he ws focused on achieving his dream, he wasn’t  swayed by the discouraging comments and that is what made him the superstar he is today.

“I started driving my fathers’s Pajero and E Class Benz at the age of 14 but I never boasted because of my father’s wealth so why now. What I’ve learnt in life is that if as human I allow pride to take centre stage in my life, I believe in no time, God will relegate me.

“When I started this dancehall music in 2013, people said so many things about my downfall in the industry but God has given me this talent that should Ghanaian accept it, we will all enjoy in this country with one great superstar. I’m bringing my house out because I want people to feel motivated. I’ve two houses now, one at East Legon, ‘Menpe Asem’.”

He added that if some foreign artistes own cars and mansions, he also owns same.

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Now you know why he loves to show off his wealth. Never give up on your dream, keep pushing.

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