‘I Slept With Bunch of Men Just To Feed My Younger Siblings’ – Actress Kisa Gbekle Recounts Past Life

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Many people have been surprised by Ghanaian actress Kisa Gbekle’s narrative from before she rose to stardom in the Volta Region.

Kisa Gbekle has described how she was compelled to sleep with men for money or favors to support her family in her community because of the difficulties she faced there.

In an interview with Delay, Kisa said that she and her siblings come from impoverished family and had to endure before they could have their daily food.

It wasn’t easy growing up as the last of four children in the Volta Region before moving to Accra for a better life.

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As a result, she was forced to sleep with men for favors or her family would starve.

The actress said that she first became a prostitute at the age of 15 as she explained how she got to be one. When an 18-year-old guy sexually assaulted her, she did something that led to a police investigation.

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According to her, the youngster was detained, but the matter was eventually dropped by the police and handled between the parents at home.

Having moved to Accra to pursue her acting career, Kisa enrolled at a film school. Venus Film Production hired her as a secretary, and the rest, as they say, is history.

It was verified in the same interview that even though Kisa became a household name, she still maintains her occupation as an ashawo, which is why she had plastic surgery.

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