I slept with your wife-to-be and can’t watch you marry the wrong woman – Man confesses to his best friend day before his wedding

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A Nigerian man has broken the heart of his best friend after confessing to sleeping with his girlfriend with who he had planned to tie the knot.

The guy who confessed to sleeping with his best friend’s wife to be brought closure to an almost initiated wedding after his confession.

The guy after feeling guilty of the incident hit his best friend (now ex-best friend) on WhatsApp and confessed that the one-night stand happened at the time the prospective couple were having a misunderstanding in which the lady visited him for counselling.

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Confessing via a WhatsApp chat shortly before the planned wedding, the man wrote;

“She came around that 7pm or thereabout, we spoke about the issue till about 9pm. She told you she had left my house and went home but the truth was she spent the night.

“I mean she was like, it was late and I didn’t mind her staying over. I told her she should call you up instead but since y’all weren’t really in Good terms she didn’t wanna go to your place

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“Well I got the other room ready for her and I went to my room. Fam your babe called me right from the second room saying she was scared to sleep alone especially in an environment she wasn’t too familiar with and if she could come sleep with me.”

“Well the end of the whole gist was we ended up having s3x and made me promise it stayed between us.

“But fam I can’t watch you get engaged to someone that cheated on you with one of your friends.

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“I f*ck up fam, I know I did and I am sorry But I think you need to know before you take this big step you about to.

“I need you to see it as I helped you dodge a bullet cos if she can do this to you who knows what she might do later.

“I just want what’s best for you bro. You like a brother to me. You helped me through difficult times and I care about your future.

“I’m sorry it happened but you need to know this before you go pop the question to the wrong person.”


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