I sold all my belongings including my bed at the University before quitting – Kofi Mole

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Growing up in Ghana, youngsters were advised by their parents to take their books with all seriousness because classroom education is the key to success, financially.

But the reality after classroom education or otherwise school is entirely different as graduates have to put aside all the classless HND’s and degrees’ and hustle like school dropouts for daily bread!

As a result, most visionary youngsters off late don’t take delight in acquiring school credentials but love to hustle hard and make it big because after school, man still has to hustle, the case of Kofi Mole.

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Speaking to Kwame Oboadie, host of “After Hours” on Adom Tv, Kofi Mole affectionately called “Aposor Gangsta” said that he woke up one day and wrote to University of Ghana’s Dean of Students that he wants to take a different path for a while.

However, he sold all his belongings including his bed before deferring his course. It’s worth knowing that Kofi Mole was a student of Psychology and Religion at the University of Ghana before deferring his course.

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But on the real, his quest to follow his musical passion really worked out for him perfectly as he is now one of the few household names in the Ghanaian music industry.

Watch interview below:

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