I started my comedy skits with Infinix phone – Dr Likee recounts

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Dr Likee

Ras Nene who is now known as Dr Likee has recounted the days he started shooting his short films disclosing that he had to use his phone to shoot at certain times.

According to him, the support was not there at that point so he was left with no choice but to start his video production with his Infinix phone.

Dr Likee speaking with Nana Ama MCbrown on the united showbiz narrated that the basic stage was never easy. He conceded the fact that at a point he nearly gave up.

“I remember I went to a certain man to seek support about getting a camera which I had wanted to use for my skits. The man asked me how much I wanted and I told him.

When I told this man, he said how, how can you use this money on this. In fact, the man really discouraged me.

Those times I was using an Infinix phone and you know for Infinix phones the camera is quite nice so I told myself ok why not use the camera on my phone for the shoot. So, I used my Infinix phone to shoot that. Dr Likee recounted.

As a reminder, Dr Likee has become a household name with his short films which have taken over virtually all the social media platforms.

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