I trained my children to embrace all manner of people including gays and other LGBTQ+ members – Reggie Rockstone states firmly

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Reggie Rockstone has revealed that he has instiled in his children how to embrace and show compassion to members of the LGBTQ+

The Hiplife pioneer and one of the veterans in the industry has been vocal about being supportive of the LGBTQ+ community and has wondered Ghanaians have been overly harsh in the way they treat them.

Similarly, he said he has taught his kids to equally move along the same tangent and love everyone inclusively devoid of any discrimination or prejudice.

“When you talk about LGQBTI, I just know that my children have no hate in them, I don’t raise my children to hate,”

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He also chastised parents who disown their children over their sexual orientation.

“I am raising my children as a heterosexual parent, but in case they change their minds in the future, that’s not going to be grounds to reject or disown them,” Reggie added.

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