I Turn On My Recorder Anytime I’m Having Intercourse – Kidi Reveals His Source Of Inspiration

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Almost every artiste in the world has particular thing or place that inspires them to be the best at their craft. While some painters spend their time at beaches, botanical gardens to get inspiration from nature, the likes of musicians turn to Bibles, personal life experiences, amongst others to get inspiration.

Well, according to “enjoyment” hit maker, Kidi, he gets inspiration from the weirdest places including when he is having sex with his partner.

Speaking in a recent interview on 3FM’s Urban Blend, Kidi explained that sometimes he keeps his recorder on when he is having sex so that he draw some inspiration from it.

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” My inspiration comes from the weirdest of places.. I could be in the washroom, bathing or even having sex and I will get inspiration for my next song”. He disclosed.

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