‘I use yam phone after all the hit songs’ – Musician KayWuo

Ghanaian musician KayWuo who produced several hit songs in the late 2000s has lamented in the studios of Kumasi-based Nhyira FM how life is treating him.

According to Kay Wuo, despite all the hit songs he produced in his hay days, he is financially broke like the church mouse and as a result, he can’t even boast of a smartphone.

In his narration in the studios of Nhyira FM with Ogidi Brown on the “Entertainment Power” show, he now uses Yam phone to receive phone calls which is very sad considering his past status.

Kay Wuo, however, blamed his current woes on Wayoosi, his manager, for squandering all his music returns and giving him peanuts during his peak days.

Despite his condition, KawWuo reiterated that he has a lot of unreleased songs but waiting on a good Samaritan to help him produce those songs so he can get back on his feet.

Watch the interview below for more:



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