‘I Used To Beat Up Men Who Gave Me Broken Heart’ – Actress

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Nollywood actress Beverly Osu, in a recent interview has suggested that unlike other women who shed tears and go bonkers over broken heart, she acted in a different way altogether.

According to the 27-year-old screen icon, she used to physical manhandle any man who comes into her life and toys with her heart.

She told BBC Pidgin in a conversation that while in her teen years she and her friends beat up the man who broke her heart.

“When adey 15/16 years old, afi beat the person, ago carry my girls we go beat am up. So, when adey like 18/19, we go dey cry, we go make sure we blackmail the man, we do all those things, we’ll say God will punish you. You know all those kind things,” she said.

Miss Osu mentioned that she stopped taking the pain seriously in her 20s since there’s nothing really to be done.

“But as I enter my 20s, abeg o. Ego pain you pain you but you go just go [completed the sentence with gestures]” she concluded.

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