I used to cry to my mum to take me abroad in primary school- Yvonne Nelson illustrates why life is not a race

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Yvonne Nelson has given a fine example of why people should never rush in life.

The filmmaker and thespian recounted how she used to worry her mother to fly her abroad so she can have a taste of the luxury life has to offer.

The mother of one who is one of the celebrated actors on the continent suggested that she craved for materialism and flamboyance when she compared her life to that of her classmates who lived ‘large’ but now she’s even tired of the same life she once yearned for.

In her motivational post, she said; “I used to cry to my mum to take me abroad in primary school, my classmates will always come back to school with new bags etc I craved for same….now I’m on flights filming. I’m sleepy kraa, but Camera dey my front abrotsre over me. liiiiiife…

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Yvonne Nelson recently reminded tweeps to desist from their uncouth behaviour and the buffoonery they exhibit online because the dire repercussion could be lurking in their shadows forever.

She sounded the warning after one tweep who had previously clashed with her online came to her for a job interview and when she recognised him, it spelt doom for him.

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The movie star and filmmaker said during the interview she randomly asked the prospective employee for his Twitter handle and that was when she discovered that he had once been disrespectful to her and she had blocked him.

She wrote: Stay on Twitter and continue fooling and insulting people you’ve never met. Your future self will regret it. One guy came for a job interview and I asked him for his Twitter handle, guess what, i had blocked him. Well….you know the rest. Keep fooling wai.

SOURCE: www.Ghbase.com

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