“I Want To Fall In Love With A Girl Who Isn’t Interested In My Money, But I Can’t Find One”, Man Laments

A Nigerian man has bemoaned the lack of genuine love these days as he claims he can’t find a lady who’d love him for who he is and not interested in his money.

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The young man, known as Femi Golden on Twitter says he has got all a man should have but what’s just left for him is genuine love.

He said he wishes to fall in love with an amazing woman who will love him for who he is and not what he has.

According to Femi Gold, ladies these days want a love that is beneficial to them only and not the other party involved in the relationship.

They make it all about themselves and this he believes is not the right thing to do as love should be mutual between the two parties involved in the relationship.

“The only missing in my life rn is genuine love. I really want to fall in love with an amazing woman, someone who isn’t interested in the money, but loves me for who i am exactly. These girls just want love that’s beneficial for them, fvck y’all!” worried Femi wrote.

Several people shared their views about Femi’s sentiments.

@IfunanyaEdward wrote; “See this one ooo! U want amazing woman to fall in love with? Hey the u think if the money is not there that u will find amazing woman? The answer is no, bro to be honest with u, u can’t find what kind of woman u need without money involved. Thank u!”

@hair_bosss said; “Sorry to say this but every human being likes money… money redefines… money refurbishes… no1 cz money n chooses poverty. My only advise is that U look for a woman that builds.. that is a gud woman… Cos if u r lukin for who no lik money, sorry, u ll jam pretenders.”

@Gem_Not_Yinka wrote; “I somewhat disagree. I love money but not my man’s money. He doesn’t owe me anything. What he is looking for is possible but what type of girls does he run after?”

@Tricia77 said; “You are hundred percent right I have been a victim just healing from it, I dated this guy for two years he had nothing I even give him when I see he needs it we where happy not until he started making little change and he’s attitudes changed completely like a complete stranger”

@kvngadej wrote; “This is sickening and annoying TBH. I’m tired of seeing this rubbish everywhere, don’t think there’s a day I would open this app and not see stuffs about girl’s liking money, billing or in a relationship only for beneficiary purpose. Not all girls are like that!!!!! Y’all should”



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