“I want to kiss you now and have you in bed” – Horny lady begs and seduces poor beggar in traffic [Video]

"I want to kiss you now and have you in bed" – Lady begs and seduces poor beggar in traffic

A video that has since gone viral gives an account of an instance where a horny lady seated in her posh car is seen literally on her knees begging and seducing a poor beggar for a passionate kiss in traffic.

In the video which was shared by Media Gist and seen by Ghbase.com, the lady who was inside a car, called the hawker as if she was going to buy something from him, and when the man obliged, the lady grabbed him and requested for a kiss.

The man was shocked by the lady’s demand and told her that he does not know what she was talking about.

“Hawker, I want to kiss you. Kiss the hungry me.” the lady said.

Apart from begging the street hawker for a kiss, the young lady also told him that she would like to be slept with.

Social media users took to the comment section to share their thoughts on the video.

Slimberry_01 wrote: “But this is not funny, it’s harassment.

Official_kahlan1 wrote: If the tables were turned now…She’s high on something.”

Sagircarpenter wrote: “My Muhammad namesake did not let us down. Not all of us are desperate to kiss anything. Buy in every market there is a mad person.” 

Watch Video Below:

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