I want to see my images on billboard be before I die – Fred Amugi

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One of Fred Amugi’s last wishes is to be immortalized as a corporate ambassador on a billboard.

On his 74th birthday, November 11, 2022, the seasoned actor had one and only one request.

That this request be realized while Fred Amugi is still alive is something he has expressed a desire for.

“One thing I’d want for my 74th birthday is to be a brand ambassador and have my face plastered all over billboards. I hope I don’t pass away and end up on a billboard before I get to witness what’s being done for me. I am ready to represent your company and its wares in the marketplace. In a video that went viral, he pleaded with companies to “use me while I’m here and not after I’m dead and gone.”

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As time has progressed, a select group of seasoned performers have used their platforms to make various financial and other types of pleas to the public.

The majority of these seasoned performers have experienced many difficulties in life due to their advanced years, and this has led to the current situation.

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Many older performers have left the business because of the rise of younger talent, but the ones who remain insist that they are treated unfairly by studios and casting directors.

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