“I wanted my peace” – Young lady shares inspiring story of how she left her parents’ home to go start life afresh on her own

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Hunadi is a young lady who took the singular yet risky decision to move out of her parents home, went out there to start life afresh on her own.

According to her, she left because she wanted to lead a stress-free life, have her peace and take the risk of starting and finishing something worthwhile on her own. She wanted to put her fears to bed.

Narrating her story on Twitter, Hunadi recounted how she moved out with a rickety bed, endured the cold alone and how she struggled to find a room. She also disclosed how she overcame her fears, started her business and the level of growth she enjoys today.

Hunadi believes no one deserves to live or stay in a place where their peace of mind is trampled on. She charged others to take the bull by the horn and move out of any situation that is sapping their energy and affecting their mental health negatively.

In a long writeup with accompanying photos and videos, she wrote:

On the Fifth of May 2021, I decided to move and start afresh, I’m happy and proud that I did… so this, this is my story. I’m trying to compile a thread but I’m too excited now, I’m overwhelmed and can’t even contain myself right now… As soon as I’m calm, I’ll do it

…emotionally and I just felt like starting afresh was a great idea, I wanted to shift my focus from worries to occupying my mind with positive things. I needed an emotional distraction, something to keep my mind from stressing…

It took me a week to look for a room where i can sleep and do my business at, but finally found it. The landlord is kind and I’m forever grateful to have met her… So on the 5th I moved in, with no bed, no stove, just my clothes, books and few kitchen utensils, pots, plates…

I remember how cold it was the other night and my friend even wanted me to go stay with my boyfriend until the weather settles but I knew I’d be fine… My mom was also worried about me in those cold days…

I remember how people undermined me because I sold achaar, when a taxi driver said ” why gego kena wens kamo gonkga magwinya, I just laughed and told him I’m delivering kotas…

I then got a stove, my landlord gave me a heater and the cupboard, then I bought everything else using my school allowance and profit from my business. I manifested everything I have now, I saved the pictures on my phone, I knew what I wanted. Ok I talk too much and I know I’ll never finish…

To those who are still scared or undecided about starting afresh: no one will know you sleep on the floor until you tell them, you will never be ready to cook, sleep and do everything in one room, no one will prepare you, so if you know you need to start afresh, go ahead, pack

Pack your bags and leave. Give it a proper chance, “You can make it to any destination if you just take small , decisive and purposeful steps everyday… IF I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN… it’s not easy, but it’s doable…

There are days we’re I missed being at res, I missed the heater, the shower, the stove, warm water, the TV, being around people, but I had to be strong, wake up and sell…




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