I wanted to ki!l myself — Songstress Adomaa

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Adomaa, a singer, claims that she came dangerously close to taking her own life as a result of the struggles she through while attempting to establish herself in the music business.

She shared the unfortunate news about her decision to call it quits in the music industry during an interview on Asaase Radio.

She said that her struggles with her mental health had brought her to a “very very dark place.”

Adomaa said that she was unable to withstand the rigours of being an artist, a circumstance that, according to her, made her social anxiety worse and led to panic attacks.

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Describing her music journey, Adomaa said:

“just learnt to crawl and I am being told to run and I am trying to keep up and I just wanted to slow down but you just can’t slow down.

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“It was really bad. I started to have proper panic attacks; physically can’t breathe, my heart starts beating extremely fast like there is air but I can’t breathe and my brain is just saying you are going to die.

“I am not proud of it but once I did attempt suicide. I was really going through it at that time and that is how come I lost an incredible amount of weight at a very short time”.

According to her, the decision to put an end to her career as a musician and pursue a career in acting was made possible by her participation in therapy.

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