I Was Constantly Sick And Using My Peanut Salary To Buy Drugs Until I Started Paying Tithes And It Stopped – Dr Kwaku Oteng

Ghanaian millionaire, Dr Kwaku Oteng, has recounted how he started making a lot of money and it has a lot to do with his faith in God.

According to the businessman mogul who owns a chain of businesses in Ghana’s herbal medicines, broadcasting, beverages and transport industries, he realized his first million after he consistently and appropriately paid his tithe.

The millionaire who is also known for marrying Akua GMB as his 4th wife revealed that before making his first million, he has noticed that anything he makes any small income, he falls ill and use most of it to cure himself until a man of God gave him a directive.

“I can remember that about 20 years back, I have never made any money more than a million, when I get the money to like between GH80 and GH100, I fall sick and use the money to cure myself until I get well and the money finish then I get back to work,” he said whilst speaking on Angel FM, a radio station he owns.

He continued that “So it is my pastor, I approached him with my issue and he said pay your tithe appropriately because if you do within 6 months we can get money up to 3 million”. According to Dr Kwaku Oteng, he obeyed his words and even made “3 million” within 3 months.

It is, however, unclear if the value, if he mentioned, is in the Ghana old currency, the new one or even dollars but basically, he is advising the youth to take paying tithe as a serious thing.

Ace Ghanaian music producer, Kaywa, shared the video and captioned it “Best Advise for the Young yet unwise to many…..”.


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