“I Was Looked Down On For Being Black During My College Days In US – Davido Narrates His Racism Experience

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"I Was Looked Down On For Being Black During My College Days In US - Davido Narrates His Racism Experience

Nigerian Afropop singer, David Adeleke popularly known as Davido, has recounted her racism experience during his college days in Alabama, USA.

He made this revelation in an exclusive interview with Recording Academy, organisers of the Grammy Awards. Davido reflected on the Racism experience and how it has eaten into the moral fabric of society.

“It’s crazy, because I’m from both America and Africa, so I know how both sides think. I went to school in Alabama. I went to college at 15. I was very young. And Alabama was a predominantly white state.

“So being an African kid in a university where it’s 13% black people, it’s amazing. It’s not easy. I had to learn a lot of the things when I was like, “Yo, why you look at me like that?” And not even just being black, being African. They used to ask me questions like, “Yo, how’d you get to America?” I’m like, “What you mean? I came on a plane.” “Oh, y’all got airports?

“It’s crazy because like I said, I grew up in Huntsville, Alabama, this was when I was 15, 16, so I’ve always understood like, yo, this is going to happen. You know what I’m saying? Sometimes just because of the color of your skin, you might not get a lot of honesty from somebody. You feel me? So it was just crazy.

“The other way I look at it, we’re screaming Black Lives Matter, right? But we killing ourselves too. So the conversation is both sided, it goes both ways.”

On Africans changing the narrative, Davido said;

“Now every American wants to go to Africa. Everybody wants to know where they’re from. So it’s good to see the transition from not being appreciated, to being appreciated right now. Even with fashion. You got designers that making African print fashion, so it’s not only music. The culture is being felt everywhere,” Davideo narrated.

In a piece of related news, a white police officer has shot and killed an unarmed black man in the presence of his children on the streets of Wisconsin, USA. This has generated a public uproar across several states in the US as many cannot bring them into terms with the gruesome murder of the man.



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