I was told my late mother would go to hell for dying in a weavon – Eno Barony

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Female Ghanaian rapper Eno Barony has shared some strict religious background she received while growing up as a child.

According to Eno Barony, she was asked if she thinks her late mother would make it to heaven when she passed on some years ago.

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According to Eno Barony, a certain woman told her that her mother might miss going to heaven because she had a weavon on her head before she died which was seen as unacceptable from her part of religious background.

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“A certain woman told me that she is scared for my mom’s heaven going because when my mom was dying, she had a weave on,” she revealed.

Eno Barony recounted how the woman told her a story about a woman who died but was denied entry into heaven because she wore earrings when she lived.

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“My mum had a weave sewn on her head before she passed, so she told me that someone went to heaven and the person had earrings.

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“And the woman was so righteous, but when she got to the gate of heaven, they said unless she would be able to take the earrings off back on earth, she couldn’t enter heaven,” she narrated.

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“I have seen a lot, and it is God’s will for me to be here. Anytime I go down, it makes me wonder if what they are saying is true. I am very talented, so why am I struggling?” she added.

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