I was with him for 5 years but he dumped me to marry a lady he met just 6-months ago- Lady cries out

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A Nigerian lady is totally gutted by the fact that her boyfriend of five years has dumped her for another woman who he’s set to marry barely six months after they met.

According to the young woman known as Debby, her man painfully severed ties with her for no apparent reason only to get engaged to a woman he met not too long ago.

While lamenting over the situation, she revealed that her ex is now set to marry the lady he’s known for less than a year.

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”My boyfriend of 5years is marrying someone he met just 6 months ago, I don’t understand”


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See reactions her post generated;

@TruekingT; Go to the new lady and ask her what she did to achieve this feet. May be that will help u know how to deal with the next man that would come into your life again.

@chiefenoch; Note to to ladies: when the dating started ask the guy are we dating to marry or as bf gf only? If answer is former then ask “what’s your timeline for the wedding” if d answer is vague or more than 24 months. Meeeeuuuve or Know that you’re on a luck thing!

@3rdWave8; Very true. A guy who wants to marry you makes his intentions known from the start. You may not even need to ask.

@KatumbaRobben; Two years are enough for me to date aman, if he doesn’t settle with me I move on. The more you cohabit, the more he looses guts of marrying you

@lungani_ndumiso; Then you’ll be moving for the rest of your life because marriage is a life long commitment which clearly you are not up to. Being with someone only because you are getting what you want is a red flag

@GracyOloitaa; Men know where there heart belongs, it’s not even about you… It has nothing to do with you!! I just hope you find the courage to move on and live your life to the fullest, the right man will come.

@Mo_Afrikka; This is funny, you don’t even know their story yet you’re absolving her from any responsibility. idk if you think women are flawless or you think we’re expected to love women with their flaws

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