I Wasn’t Prepared And I Was Ambushed – Kisa Gbekle Reveals Why She Denied Having A Child

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Ghanaian actress, Kisa Gbekle has disclosed why she refused to tell the world about having a child.

Speaking in a recent interview, Kisa Gbekle severed that she was unprepared for the world to know she has a child.

Lately, there are a lot of heavy things on my chest, and I want to clear that up. It is about my lovely son. People that know me, people that know him, know that he’s a very beautiful boy. And yes, I love him so much.
“I know very well that I posted my surgery videos. So I was also thinking that anytime I go for an interview that is what I will talk about. My career (the career that I don’t even perceive anymore), my show and the procedure I went to do in Turkey. Mainly, that is the thing I was going to talk about. Then I get to the interview, and the next thing I’m being asked is, do you have a child.”
Kisa continued to say that her reaction to the question on the show has been her coping mechanism for unpleasant events. Which is also a civilized response to uncouth intrusive prying people.
“It’s not any big question for me to answer, but I just played around it because I feel my baby should be my business. But I’m the kind of person that is very fun, no matter how offensive the question is. No matter how hard it is, I try to play around with it. I have seen a lot of people have taken this whole thing out of context like Kisa denies her biological son publicly.”
Accordingly, the new mother revealed that she intends to unveil her son on her terma. And she would not succumb to pressure to do otherwise.
“I wasn’t prepared to answer that at that time. Yes, I will come out with my child. I intend to post my pregnancy. But, I don’t want to go sit on someone’s platform. I see it to be kind of an investigative platform. I have my platform. I can decide to come online and post. I will come out with those videos when I want.”

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