I will go to hell should I go into politics – Blakk Rasta

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Reggae singer and courageous Ghanaian broadcaster Blakk Rasta despises politics and its participants.

Blakk Rasta has assailed lawmakers, calling them names and accusing them of corruption, which is why the nation lags behind.

Obama’s hitmaker recently compared Ghana’s president to Satan. Blakk Rasta claims he won’t enter politics because he’ll go to hell.

“Going into politics could be the day that I will go to hell and be there with the people. I have said I will go to hell should I go into politics”, Bakk Rasta reiterated his stance

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He further hinted that, a politician once contacted him offering to sponsor him to be in politics but he flatly refused the offer on grounds of principle.

“I’m a kingmaker, why should I descend to the level of a king? I make the king. Why should we all struggle to be kings when we can be kingmakers?” he asked

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