I will match Badu Kobi boot-for-boot over his tribalistic comments – Kennedy Agyapong threatens

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Maverick politician and Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Hon, Kennedy Ohene Agyapong has waded into the Badu Kobi ethnocentric comment he made about Ashanti, Fante and Ewe women.

The founder and leader of Glorious Wave International caused a huge stir last two weeks during a church sermon when he made ethnocentric comments about Ashanti, Fante and Ewe women.

Prophet Badu Kobi admonished possible suitors to desist from marrying Asante women because of their greediness and money consciousness.

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He said:

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“If you marry Ashanti lady, you have imported problem to yourself forever. I have done my research and it is so. Ashanti ladies are ungrateful to their husband and I have to say it.

They have a proverb translated as Ashantis don’t remember and you if you marry them and go broke, you will see how they will roast you.

Fante women are foolish sometimes and Ewes too are a doormat.” 

Reacting to the tribalistic comments by Badu Kobi, the controversial politician noted that it’s an insult as a man of God who amasses wealth from these women to spew garbage on them all in the name of he has done research meanwhile his education level does not guarantee him to even do that.

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He stressed that he will match women to his place at Sakumono and break down the church building of embattled founder of the Glorious Wave Church International

“I will march women to the place and breakdown the church. There is nothing that can stop me from going after this foolish man who claims he is a Man of God”, he revealed on Accra-based NET 2 TV.

“Ghanaians, if you women don’t demonstrate then I will lose a lot of respect for you. His comments were borne out of foolishness and not research. What is his level of education to conduct such research”, he added.

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