“I will never leave my husband Obinim no matter what he does or happens” – Florence Obinim

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"I will never leave my husband Obinim no matter what he does or happens" – Florence Obinim

Ghanaian gospel singer Florence Obinim has vowed never to leave her husband, Bishop Daniel Obinim.

According to her, she will never abandon her home because of what his husband may have done wrong or when circumstances change from good to bad to worse.

In an interview on Onua FM, Florence Obinim says although he has heard a lot about her husband Obinim, she has never thought of leaving him. According to her, she will remain true to her wedding vows to stay with her husband through thick and thin…thus no situation will ever force her to leave her home.

“I’ve been married to my husband for a long time. We’ve had good times together, so why should I abandon him because of controversies? I’m currently driving a brand new Range Rover. He purchased it for me. If I accept good things from him, I should be able to accept bad things as well.”

Bishop Daniel Obinim is deemed as a very controversial preacher who has not given a good account of himself in recent years. His outbursts, horrendous miracles and sometimes vile tongue have cast a slur over his image and reputation. However, his wife, Florence Obinim, is ready to be there for him no matter the circumstances…acting as his only source of solace in troubling times.


(+VIDEO) I flaunt my shape for everyone to know that God created me well – Florence Obinim refute claims that she dresses immorally

Florence Obinim has finally opened up on the recent video of hers rocking an outfit that shown her curvaceous figure.

Speaking in an interview on Kumasi based Pure FM, Mrs Obinim refuted claims that her kind of dressing is immoral and explained why Christians need to dress to look beautiful.

Replying to critics of her dressing as a gospel musician and wife of a pastor, Florence mentioned that she dresses to look beautiful and she sees nothing immoral about what she wore.

According to the pastor’s wife, God created her with a beautiful shape so she needs not hide it adding that she needs to flaunt the shape for everyone to know that God created her beautifully.

The wife of Bishop Daniel Obinim added that the worldly people don’t want Christians to look beautiful that’s why they over criticized Christians who dress lavishly like her.



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