I will never work with Joey B till 6-feet – Pappy Kojo

Ghanaian rappers, Pappy Kojo and Joey B were the best of friends but for over six years now, the two have fallen apart due to reasons best known to themselves.

Speaking in a recent interview when he appeared on 3 Music TV’s Culture Daily show on Friday, December 9, 2022, Pappy Kojo was asked if he was ready to reconcile with his former friend and he had this to say.

Answering this question, Pappy gave an emphatic no answer and added that even if it meant that the was going to get a lot of money for it, he won’t do it.

“Me I don’t want to work with him anymore, I’m good,” he said.

However, Pappy stated that maybe a call by Sarkodie for a collaboration with he (Pappy Kojo) and Joey B is the only way they might work together, he’s no longer of that view.

Rumors about their supposed beef made the headlines back in 2019 and got a lot of people talking.

Quite recently, Pappy Kojo, in a Twitter space opened up and provided netizens with the details of what really led to their fallout.

Speaking on the space of Firesticks back in March 2022, the ‘Realer No’ crooner revealed that after 2015, he has not really had any form of proper interaction with Joey B.

According to him, this was because Joey B decided to give him some space after he (Pappy Kojo) failed to walk away from two of his friends [Snypa and Akitiwroro] when Joey had asked him to do so.

He added that back then he was so hurt about this fallout that on various nights he had to cry and even complain bitterly to the manager of Joey B.


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