“I Will Not Marry Anyone I Haven’t Lived With For At Least A Year”-Nigerian Lawyer

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A Nigerian lawyer, Dr. Joe Abah has stated that he is not ready to marry anyone he has not lived with for at least a year.

Marriage is a life time journey and for there to be piece to some extent in the marriage, the couple have to know and understand each other before the commit to staying together.

According to the Nigerian lawyer, he is just   not ready to marry anyone unless he has stayed with them for at  least a year, by which time he would have found out whether they are compatible or not.

He expressed fear  that his pastor friends might have a problem with this opinion of his  becau se  th e    Bible wouldn’t permit a p erson putting up with another they are not married to.

The question one would ask is; if you do live with the person for the one year and do get to find out they are not the one for you, are you going to send them away?

Living separately and checking on each other occasionally could do but for him, he just wants to be with the person in his home as he believes that one can not pretend for a whole year so it is expected that after the one year of living with them, he would have found out who the person really is.

Only then will he consider marrying that person.

Below is what the Nigerian lawyer wrote on Twitter;

“My Pastor friends will probably “excommunicate” me for this but I will still say it:

I will not marry anyone I haven’t lived with for at least a year.

I lived with my wife before we married o.

It is more difficult for people to pretend for a whole year when they live together.”

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