“I will not marry, I’ll give birth” -Tracey Boakye Fires And Explains Why She Has This Mindset – Video

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Ghanaian actress and movie producer, Tracey Boakye who is known to be very plain about her intentions and utterances has once again exhibited that character.

When asked in a one on one chat with Zion Felix when she intends on getting married, the entrepreneur highlighted on the fact that she is not ready to get married. She mentioned that she’s still working on establishing herself so marriage is the last thing she’s thinking of.

“I won’t get married now. If I weigh certain things in my life, I have to wait. Marriage is not by force and it also isn’t a visa to heaven. Marriage is not in the Bible and it doesn’t automatically indicate that you’re going to heaven, so if you’re no ready don’t force yourself. I will not marry, I’ll give birth.”

She also stated that she has a bad temper and thus her heart is not prepared for the troubles that comes with marriage so she’s slowly working on herself and when the time is right, she’ll allow herself to be wed.

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